Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Slugterra Episode 1 Season 1 - The World Beneath our Feet Part 1

Slugterra Episode 1 Season 1 

The World Beneath our Feet Part 1

Will Shane is the Beacon of Justice in Slugterra. He disappears when Dr. Blakk uses a Tempesto (Ghouled Tormato) in a duel. Before Will disappears he tells his slug, Burpy (an Infurnus slug), to find his son Eli and give him a letter. When Eli turns 15 years old he and Burpy go to Slugterra for the first time. He gets gear, a blaster and a Mecha Beast which he names Lucky from his father's hideout and meets Pronto (a proud and knowledgeable molenoid tracker). Later he meets Beatrice "Trixie" Sting who saves him from a slug slinger. Trixie was shooting a documentary on Slugterra to put up on the Slugnet. Eli joins a slug slinging Tournament. He has to fight Shockwire, a slinger who uses only Tazerling slugs in the qualification round. Pronto finds a Cave Troll Slinger (They are the best engineers in Slugterra) named Kord Zane for practising for the round. He also gets a bunch of Floppers (The weakest slugs in Slugterra). In the qualification round, Shockwire repeatedly uses Tazerlings. One of his Tazerlings backfire and Eli gets advantage and wins the round. As per the rules, he gets a Tazerling and names it Joules. 

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