Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Slugterra Episode 9 Season 1 - Club Slug

Slugterra Episode 9 Season 1

Club Slug

The gang decides to sign up for a weekend camp called Club slug in an effort to learn a number of new moves without having to do all of the hard work. The camp director takes all their slugs except Eli's and puts them in a machine which shoots them continuously all day. Eli doesn't believe at first but when Kord's Rammstone defeats Banger (an Armashelt) he sends only Banger into the machine.

But when it comes out, it looks very tired as it is losing steam' after one shot. Eli refuses to the Camp director. So he and the other slingers who have joined the camp fight the gang. In the process, Banger destroys the machine. 

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